• Teaser Video

  • Gameplay Video

  • Kubus

    IsoWords puts an interesting spin on the word search genre. By placing letters on the faces of a cube there are more possibilities for finding great words.

  • Lexicon

    As the cube decomposes, the prospect of finding more interesting words increases.

  • Bluetooth/WiFi Multiplayer

    Up to 4 devices can battle for words in Bluetooth/WiFi multiplayer. Even devices with only the LITE version can participate!

  • Daily Challenge

    Every day a single puzzle is posted that everyone in the world can play. You can easily see your rank for every challenge on the Daily Challenge Calendar.

  • Global Leaderboards

    Compare your scores and words with those of players around the world.

  • Facebook/Twitter

    With Facebook/Twitter integration you can easily send challenges to friends and see the scores and ranks of your friends in the leaderboards.